I offer exclusive service with attention to your personal requirements

The fields I work in as Professional Organizer are:

  • Home-organizer
    To coach and assist you with organizing your household, belongings or administration. It may happen that due to circumstances you (temporarily) need help to get rid of the backlog in (for example) your administration. I will teach you new techniques that will enable you to continue the good work without me. Or a physical disability hinders you in your daily domestic or administrative tasks.
    I like to help you find a solution.
  • Senior-organizer
    To assist you with (re)organizing your house(hold), getting your independence back or arranging your estate. I can guide you in composing file for your next-of-kin or an emergency file. The client can be the senior himself or his/her family/caregiver(s). Naturally all concerned parties have to agree before I can accept the assignment.
  • Move/relocation-organizer
    To guide you with the preparation, planning and organisation of moves/relocations. Clients can be foreign employees (expats) in the Netherlands or (foreign) diplomats. I can also assist you in preparing  your home to be ready for sale or rent.

The following animation (in Dutch) shows you what a Professional Organizer can do for you.

Apart from the above you can also contact me for everything else you like to organize, as for example, but not limited to:

  • Organize an event (birthdays, anniversaries, receptions, dinner parties, etc.)
  • Help with your pets (dogs, horses): I adore animals and have experience in training dogs and horses.
  • Administrative/secretarial services (for example arrange transportation, make reservations, help you find the right subscription for you or help you cancel an existing subscription)

“We can discuss everything and (almost) nothing is impossible”