How do we start?

stappenplanAfter our first phone call we make an appointment for a free intake interview at your home. This appointment will take about 1-1.5 hours. During this conversation we will determine goals and objectives, name priorities and I will propose a plan of action. If you need help with matters that I am not specialized in, I can find you other reliable partners, against a small finder fee, to ensure that you always get the best and most trustworthy service.

If we agree to continue together, I will send you my custom-made offer based on what we discussed within one week after our intake-interview. If you agree, I will send you an invoice that you can either pay by bank transfer prior to our appointment or in cash or by debet card during your first session. Regular clients will have the ability to pay afterwards or can take out a subscription for a better rate.

All offers are personal and completely custom-made. My General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers.